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Texas Angels Home Care strives to provide high quality, in-home care for the elderly and the disabled. We are senior home care experts with caregivers, homemakers,  dementia care, and elder care companions. In addition, we provide private duty home health care services for our in-home senior care clients. Our caregivers assist with bathing, dressing, cooking, light housekeeping, transportation, medication reminders and this is a partial list. Please see our Services pages for a more detailed description of the care we provide.



All care is supervised by a Registered Nurse.



Cooking, hobbies, reading, no matter what your interests, we will provide a compatible companion to help share your passion. Activity and engagement are the keys to happiness. Our clients receive personalized attention designed to stimulate their mind and care for their wellbeing. Let us help you care for your loved one and maintain their independence in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

COVID-19 Vaccinations are Available for All Adults in Texas. Contact Your County Health Department for Details.

Texas Angels remains committed to keeping our clients and their families safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  While infection rates have dropped dramatically, we still are following strict Infection Control processes.  The CDC has recently revised their mask requirements for adults who have been fully vaccinated.  Please read this new guidance released July 27th, 2021 (click here).  Even though the CDC has relaxed their guidance and many Texas Angels' caregivers have been fully vaccinated, we will continue to follow the same protocol to provide the highest level of protection to our clients.  Furthermore, Texas Angels will provide any client who requests, masks to wear while receiving care.  Just ask your caregiver or call the office.

Our Caregivers will:

- Not work if sick or showing symptoms of COVID

- Self-screen themselves & screen clients for COVID prior to starting care each shift

- Wear masks while on-duty

- Wash or sanitize their hands regularly

- Disinfect hard surfaces daily (door knobs,, counters, tables...)

- Practice social distancing

- Follow CDC and Texas HHS guidelines

Texas Angels caregivers bond with their clients to foster a meaningful and trusting experience.

Where Caring is More Than Just a Word.


To a Texas Angel, caring is more than a word. Caring is part of what we are, caregivers. It’s a word that describes our character, the makeup of our moral fiber and our core philosophy. Caring for others is what we do, it’s how we feel about others, and it is why we help others. And more over, it’s how we contribute to our community and to our world.


Some may think, we get paid to care. But that’s not it. You really can’t pay someone to care, or to love or even to be loyal. Either you truly care, or you don’t. Those who do, put their heart and soul into caring for others and those who don’t, are just playing a role, just doing a job. But if you really look, it’s not hard to tell. It all goes back to being part of a person's character. Compensation or not, if you’re not the caring type, if you’re not a true caregiver, you’re just going through the motions.


A Texas Angel cares for people and they care about people. They are a separate type of person who is a natural caregiver, a nurturer. They care for our client’s, their families and their neighbors. They care for coworkers, they care for their families and they care for their community.


Caregivers care for the world and at Texas Angels, we scour our world looking for true caregivers to be part of our team. All to help care for you or your loved ones.



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