Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) are activities related to independent living but are not always required on a daily basis. IADLs include preparing meals, managing money, shopping for personal items or groceries, performing housework, doing laundry, or using a cell phone.

The need to have assistance with IADLs is usually the first sign a client could benefit from outside help, but it is less noticeable than the need for assistance with ADLs. 


Texas Angels can assist clients with their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living including:


  • Basic Communication – help using their mobile phone, email, or the Internet
  • Transportation – driving the client to medical appointments, shopping, visiting friends, or to the museum
  • Meal Preparation – meal planning, cooking, clean up, and storage of leftovers or unused food
  • Shopping – assistance with grocery shopping, buying gifts for family, or clothes shopping
  • Housework – doing laundry, washing dishes, light housework, vacuuming, and maintaining a hygienic residence
  • Managing Medications – medication reminders by caregivers or Medication Reminder Box refilling by RN



Other Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are best assisted or managed by the family, they include:

  • Managing Personal Finances – operating within a budget, writing checks, paying bills, avoiding scams
  • Major shopping – purchasing large appliances or furniture
  • Professional services – such as choosing a physician or services from an attorney


The three levels of assistance Texas Angels assign to a client’s ADLs and IADLs are Hands-On Assistance, Stand-By Assistance, and Independent. Note that some institutions use a system of five or six categories which breaks down Hands-On Assistance into additional levels.

  • Hands-On Assistance can range from full to minimal assistance with hands-on help from the caregiver to complete tasks.
  • Stand-By Assistance means the client needs the caregiver to be by their side and ready, or on “standby”, to provide hands-on assistance.
  • Independent is defined as being able to accomplish an ADL or IADL without any direction, supervision, or assistance.