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Post-surgical Care

Having surgery is serious business.  The doctors, nurses and technicians go through a great deal of planning prior and work very hard during the surgery to produce the best possible outcome.  But the process does not end there. Proper healing and rehabilitation after the surgery is just as important as the surgery.

Whether you initially go to a Rehabilitation Hospital or choose to rehabilitate at home, following doctor’s orders can lead to faster healing times and lessen the chance of complications.  After all, the ultimate goal is to get better and avoid having complications that could delay recovery or send you back to the hospital.

Your surgeon may order the following:

  • Prescribed bed best
  • Restrictions or limitations on lifting, bending, standing and/or driving
  • Proper hygiene and nutrition
  • Prescribed activity and home exercises
  • A Home Health Agency nurse to come weekly to monitor your progress

Even with a weekly home health nurse visit, you will still need help the rest of the time.  Let Texas Angels Home Care help with bathing and grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to follow-up medical visits, grocery shopping, medication reminders and assist with your home exercise program, to name a few. We can assist with your recovery, with the goal of returning you to your per-surgical self.

Texas Angels Home Care will work in conjunction with your home health and home therapy agency to provide you with a continuity of care aimed at getting you better and independent again.  Call Texas Angels today to schedule a Free In-Home Assessment.

Health care worker helping an elderly man