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Hospitalizations for an acute or chronic illness can be difficult.  Ask anyone who has been in the hospital and they will tell you it’s no place to get some rest.  This may be the reason why many seniors chose to rehabilitate at home.

Unfortunately, they may not get the care and attention to prevent being re-hospitalized and based on a 2017 study, ‘re-hospitalization rates for seniors are still around 15%’.  The United Health Foundation has also reported “returning to a hospital within a short period of time after being discharged is costly and often avoidable”.

Texas Angels Home Care can help you rehabilitate at home by providing you or your loved one with an experienced home care aide.  Our staff will provide you the care and support so you can regain your strength with the goal of swiftly returning to your pre-hospitalized self.  With care from a Texas Angel, we can monitor your condition and report changes to our in-house nursing staff or your home health nurse.  All designed so you can get help long before it reaches the point where you need to be re-hospitalized.  We can also work in concert with your Home Health Agency.

  • Assistance with ADLs – Bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding and ambulation (Click here for more.)
  • Assistance with IADLS – Cooking, light cleaning, shopping, activities (Click here for more.)
  • Companionship – Having someone around who you enjoy, someone to share a smile and a laugh.

The goal of Post-Hospitalization Care is to provide the nutritional and care support to get better, faster.  At Texas Angels, we recognize that our role may only be a few days, to a few weeks but we know this a very important role. Let Texas Angels Home Care help you retain your independence by supervised and assisted convalescence at home.

Whether you need 24/7 care or just need a few hours a day, call Texas Angels today to schedule a Free In-Home Assessment. We can even start the assessment process while you are still in the hospital, prior to discharge.

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Young female care assistant helping senior man