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Knowing about a home care agency's philosophy, core values, ownership and their caregiver selection process should be a critical first step in choosing the right agency. At Texas Angels we take pride in our approach to Holistic Home Care, our attitudes on caring and the way we screen prospective members to our caregiver team.

Caregiving is the act of considering all aspects of life.
  • Caregiving is more than just the physical act of bathing, meal preparation, and medication reminders.
    • Caregiving is the act of considering all aspects of a client’s life.  Caregiving is about planning for unforeseen and anticipated changes or events, like severe weather, hospitalization, or progression of disease processes.
  • It’s an ongoing and evolving process of planning, teamwork, implementation, and evaluation—all with the client’s and the family’s input.
  • Our goal is to match clients with compatible caregivers consistently to forge strong client-caregiver bonds.  Bonds that foster trust and cooperation to achieve the client’s physical needs and their interests and passions.
  • We provide an environment that enables clients to feel independent by not relying on family, neighbors, friends, or church members to assist them.
    • We provide an environment to allow clients to have a sense of purpose, that feeling of accomplishment which are basic adult needs that promotes and enhances their sense of independence.
Caregivers are the heart and soul of our agency.
  • The selection of caregivers is an essential task for the agency.  The process reflects the agency’s commitment to its core values and standards of care—our strategy for selecting caregivers starts with basic professional requirements.
    • A candidate chosen for an interview must be a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) or a Nursing Student with relevant clinical experience.
    • Or have a minimum of two years documented experience working for another Home Care Agency, a Long Term Care facility, or a Memory Care Unit.
    • Once we see the candidate has met this requirement, we evaluate if caregiving is in their heart or just another job.
  • Successful candidates move into a rigorous vetting program.  The vetting process includes searching Global, Federal, and Local Criminal Databases to review: National, State & County Criminal Record Checks; Social Security Number Fraud Check; State of Texas Employee Misconduct Registry for caregivers & Nurse Aide Registry; Sex and Violent Offenders Record; Employment, Educational, Certification Verification; Motor Vehicle Records, including valid Driver’s License, dependable transportation, and automobile insurance; Medical Suitability; Testing for Illicit Drugs (on hire and randomly); and Dept. of Homeland Security E-Verify citizenship and guest worker status.
  • The Orientation Program is to teach our new caregivers the Texas Angels’ way. Orientation also provides an extra opportunity to assess further their caregiving skills, manner, and overall attitude. 1 out of 6 candidates does not make it past the Orientation Phase.
  • Active Texas Angels’ caregivers continue their education through an Annual Education Program and periodic Skills Training. Caregivers are required to maintain their CPR certification
Learn how Texas Angels began and why we started this amazing home care agency.

Texas Angels Home Care is a family-owned and operated home care agency founded in 2012 by Julie Woodside, Diane Oliver, and Todd Reeb. We started Texas Angels to enable seniors to live independently in their homes without relying on family or friends for help.

Julie is a 33 plus year business executive and kidney transplant recipient who has experienced home care first hand. She has the client’s insight and understands the importance of being in your own home and living independently.

Diane has built her career around serving others. She has worked in hospitals and Home Care Agencies for over two decades, from pharmacy to human resources and administration. She has experience in marketing and networking, organizing business groups throughout the United States. And her experience with other area Home Care Agencies has provided a valuable insight into the needs of our clients and caregivers.

Todd has been a Registered Nurse for over 35 years, with skilled in-home care, geriatrics, psychiatric nursing, critical care/emergency nursing, and surgical nursing.

He began his health care training at home, caring for his disabled brother. After a traumatic accident, Todd’s brother was paralyzed from the waist down. Todd and his parents cared for him at home, despite requests from the doctors and therapists to put him in a nursing home. After several years of rehabilitation and in-home care, Todd’s brother lives independently and thrives.

Julie, Diane, and Todd have a great understanding and appreciation for in-home care, living independently, and home modifications for the physically challenged. They understand how to help clients use their abilities to live happy, meaningful, and fulfilled lives. We are blessed to share our knowledge and experience about health and home care with you and your loved ones.

We are animal lovers and recognize their companionship and therapeutic value. We provide pet care and support for all clients with pets.


Get Back to Your Life

There is no place like home and enjoying where you are most comfortable.  Staying in your home with familiar surroundings is most important to your physical and mental health.


24/7 Availability

We can be reached by phone 24/7 for emergencies and any urgent need to begin service.  Life happens on it’s own time and we are here to care for you, no matter the time.


Excellent Quality of Life

Engagement is quality of life, keeping the brain active is key.  Reading, watching TV, working on crafts, puzzles, or helping you tend the garden.  We want you to have a bright and cheery surrounding to engage all that feel-good serotonin.

What People Say


“Very Pleased!”, “Had one caregiver almost all of the time, she was super and got along well with my husband…”

Anita B

(Fort Worth, TX)

“…Texas Angels are on the ball.”, “I have enjoyed having Texas Angels care for me. I would and have recommended them to my friends…. Most of the help (Caregivers) are outstanding. Thank you for being there for us when (we) needed you.”

Bernard B

(Fort Worth, TX)

“Always there when they’re needed.”

Michael Y

(Fort Worth, TX)

Our Values

Company Profile

We are committed to the residents and communities we serve to promote better and healthier lives. We strive to be an industry leader with uncompromising standards measured by defined clinical outcomes, customer service programs, and financial sustainability.


We strive to ensure our clients feel worthy, protected, and be proactive in their care.  Everyone should feel valued, cared for, and treated ethically.


We must give and earn your respect.  To feel safe, you must know you’re respected, heard, and know we are caring for you and your family.


Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We choose to practice our values rather than simply professing them.


Care is about continually growing and learning.  We want the same for clients, engage their minds with the conversation, reading, gardening, and playing games.  So important as we age, we grow, and that growth is infinite.