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Some clients require constant supervision with a caregiver that is ready and attentive 24/7 to meet the client’s needs or protect them from unsafe situations. Most of the time these services are provided in the client’s home but sometimes we need to provide 24/7 supervision while the client is in the hospital or at a facility. (Please see Facility Care for more information.)

When Texas Angels Home Care provides 24/7 care for clients in their home, family may or may not be living in the home. In fact, many of our 24/7 clients lived alone prior to us beginning care. But whether the client lives alone, with a spouse or adult child, we provide the same quality and caring services:

  • Assistance with ADLs – Bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding and ambulation (Click here for more.)
  • Assistance with IADLS – Cooking, light cleaning, shopping, activities (Click here for more.)
  • Companionship – Having someone around who you enjoy, someone to share a smile.
  • Dementia Care – Providing a safe and stimulating environment (Click here for more.)
  • End of Life Care – A caregiver to stay beside and care for your loved one (Click here for more.)
  • Respite Care – Someone to help while you’re out of town or just need to recharge (Click here for more.)
  • Post-Hospitalization Care – An extra set of hands to help, to aide in convalescing (Click here for more.)
  • Post-Surgical Care – An extra set of hands to help, to aide in rehabilitation (Click here for more.)

Seniors and the disabled do not have to live alone anymore. Texas Angels will provide qualified and caring aides to provide assistance with care, safety and companionship. We pride ourselves with purposefully scheduling the same, consistent caregivers to provide familiarity, comfort and to foster strong relationships.

When family visits, they can return back to being visitors, not arrive only to spend the visit doing chores and providing care. Texas Angels will provide the care and take care of the chores, families can arrive and enjoy their loved one’s company and not feel obligated to do anything else.

Whether you need to initially start 24/7 care or if you just need a few hours a day and build up to more hours, call Texas Angels today to schedule a Free In-Home Assessment.

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