Texas Angels Home Care is the Fort Worth area premiere senior care agency.


At Texas Angels caring is an art and a Texas Angels caregiver helps clients meet their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.



Caregiving is not just the physical act of bathing, meal preparation and medication reminders.  It's much more. Caregiving is the art of considering all aspects of a client's life.  It's the practice of integrating the physical, the emotional and the social facets of one's past and current life.  Caregiving is about planning for unforeseen and anticipated changes or events, like severe weather, hospitalization or progression of disease processes.  It's an ongoing and evolving process of planning, implementation and evaluation.  All with the client's and the family's input.


Our goal is to match client's with compatible caregivers on a consistent basis to forge strong client - caregiver bonds. Bonds that foster trust and cooperation to achieve, not only the client's physical needs but their interests, their passions.  We provide an environment that enables clients to continue to feel independent by not relying on family, neighbors, friends or members of their church to provide them assistance. We provide an environment to allow clients to have a sense of purpose, that feeling of accomplishment which are basic adult needs that promotes and enhances their sense of independence.


Our philosophy is to provide holistic care that promotes independence and a sense of wellbeing.  It is an ongoing process of planning and evaluation that changes with the progression of our clients natural life-cycle and at times the progression of their health conditions.  We actively seek out a client's interests and the things they are passionate about.  Then we set about a plan to either continue these activities, rekindle or modify to fit their physical and cognitive abilities.  At Texas Angels Home Care, caring is a way of life.


Texas Angels Home Care is owned by caregivers, run by caregivers and staffed with truly caring, professional caregivers.


The client's personal Care Manager is trained to conduct an initial evaluation and an ongoing assessment to develop and maintain an individualized Care Plan.  A client's successful Care Plan is designed to maintain their independence, interests and personal needs while considering their future and ongoing care needs.



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