Texas Angels Home Care is the Fort Worth area premiere senior care agency.


The Admission Process begins with the Intake during a call from the client or family.  Here we ask pertinent questions and gather information.

We proudly participate with all Long Term Care Insurances, VA Benefits, Medicare Advantage Plans (starting in 2020), other third party payers of non-medical Home Care and Private Pay.

We are grateful that the hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the Fort Worth Area make up a bulk of our referrals.  We are honored...


  1. The Admission Process begins with the initial intake during a call or visit from the client or the family.  Here we ask pertinent questions and gather the required information to move on to the next step.  All information gathered is kept confidential and in-house.  Your private data is never shared with advertisers or marketers.
  2. An In-Home Assessment is scheduled.  This is where the client is evaluated and the home is surveyed for any potential hazards or safety concerns.  To provide the best care and meet Texas HHSC regulations, the In-Home Assessment must be completed prior to the start of care.  If the client is currently in the hospital or at a rehabilitation center, nursing facility, we will perform the client assessment at the facility and then need to visit the home for the Safety Inspection.  Please bring copies of your Advance Directive, OOH-DNR, Medical POA,  a list of your current medications and identification along with your health insurance card, (not required for private pay).
  3. Once the Consent for Treatment is signed, our scheduler will call you and setup a caregiver schedule that best fits your needs. Our caregivers will then arrive at your home to provide care on the scheduled days.



  1. We currently receive direct referrals from Discharge Planners, Social Workers, Nurses, Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes.
  2. Referrals from Support Groups, Churches, Friends and Family members are greatly appreciated but, we accept referrals from everyone.
  3. Referrals can be called in directly to Texas Angels or they can be faxed to our office at (817) 727-4576. In most cases, facilities just need to fax a Discharge Packet with a cover sheet explaining basic need.  Others can fax a coversheet or you can call.
  4. The more information we receive the more efficiently we can provide care but below is the basic demographics required.

       Name, address, age, and major diagnoses (i.e. hip fracture, dementia)

Texas Angels Home Care receives most of our referrals, by word of mouth, because of our reputation. We are grateful that the hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the Fort Worth Area make up a bulk of our referrals.  We are honored when we receive referrals from clients.

       Thank you for all the referrals! They are greatly appreciated.



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